Concurrent Shows, JOB Fair

December 9th (Thursday) – December 11th (Saturday)

A JOB Fair (NEW!) will be held to match visitors with exhibitors.

1. Job Seeker Matching

We will create matching opportunities for exhibitors and job seekers (researchers, students, job changes).

2. Exhibitor tour

For those job seekers willing to have a tour, we will stablish a visit time for the better understanding of the exhibitors’ technology.

3. Setting up an interview booth

During the exhibition period, we will set up an interview booth where career counselors (professionals) will be stationed. The booth will not only help job seekers, but also exhibitors who are considering recruiting.

4. Employment seminar

As pre-event content, we will hold preliminary employment seminars for students (including international students).
※We will announce the date and time when it is decided.

※Free of charge for all visitors.
※Participation by exhibitors is included in the exhibition fee.