Panel Session 4-1: Offshore Wind and Marine Renewable Energies (Registration fee is required)

December 10th (Friday)

Panel Session 4-1: Offshore Wind and Marine Renewable Energies

Date December 10 (Fri.), 2021, 9:00~12:00
Venue Conference Room 3A

Offshore wind resources have huge potential world-wide. However, in Japan, they currently represent a mere 0.7% of total energy supplies – far less than in European countries. Nevertheless, we are now witnessing a changed environment regarding the offshore wind industry in Japan, as evidenced by recent revisions to related legislation. One result, for example, is that candidate offshore wind farm sites are now being identified. Furthermore, some construction companies have built Self Elevating Platforms intended for offshore wind power construction and installation. We can truly say that Japan’s wind power business is now stepping forward. As a country completely surrounded by seas and oceans Japan has a responsibility to find and identify new ways to utilize offshore wind power resources. In this session, we aim to share showcase examples of Japan’s newest offshore wind turbine developments, to discuss the technological and political visions for their further promotion, and, ultimately, to elucidate how offshore wind power will be implemented for society.

※Please be aware that the contents of the program may be changed without notice.

    • Iku Sato

    •  Senior Director, Ocean Renewable Energy Divison, TODA CORPORATION
    • Koichi Hayama

    • Takashi Sakamoto

    •  Managing Director, Tokyo Office Offshore Wind, Fukada Salvage & Marine Works Co., LTD.
    • Osamu Azumaya

    •  General Manager, Wind Power Business Unit, Engineering and Technology Development Department, Hitachi Zosen Corporation