December 9th (Thursday) -December 11th (Saturday), 2021

Kobe International Exhibition Hall Building No. 2

Techno-Ocean 2021 was successfully concluded with the attendance of many people.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who attended, and to all the people and companies involved in the event for their cooperation.
Thank you very much.

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Executive Chair of “Techno-Ocean”IIJIMA Kazuhiro

Executive Chair of “Techno-Ocean”IIJIMA Kazuhiro
(Professor, Osaka University)

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to extend our warmest welcome to Techno-Ocean. When looking at the today’s issues that are connected to our planet’s oceans such as marine pollutions, renewable energies, sustainable fishery resource development, GHG from transportations, shortage of human resources, etc., one may notice that they are complex and inter-connected. It is necessary to work beyond the boundaries of specific industries and fields. The importance of collaborations over industries, academia and governmental bodies is growing, too. The Techno Ocean Network has been holding the international ‘Techno-Ocean’ conventions on marine science and technology every two years in Kobe city since 1986. It has contributed to building a strong network of industries, academia and governments related to the marine and ocean fields.

This time, ‘Panel Sessions’ event (fee-based) involving industry, academia and governmental bodies, are organized, in addition to the exhibitions and events for the general public. The Panel Sessions will be co-organized by national R&D institutes, independent administrative agencies, educational institutions, and private companies. It will provide a unique and ideal platform for developing new ideas, forming collaborative researches, building networks among various generations, exchanging information & opinions, business matching, etc. ‘Techno-Ocean’ thus continues as Japan's only one comprehensive and international convention in the field of marine science and technology where the industry, government, academia can meet together for considering the future of ocean.

Welcome to Techno-Ocean, and let us Meet at Ocean, in Kobe !


Concurrent Shows

  • Open to the GeneralPublic: Covalent Rich Clast Mining Test Equipment
    December 9th (Thu) -December 11th (Sat), 2021

  • Job fair
    December 9th (Thu) -December 11th (Sat), 2021

  • Underwater Robot Competition
    December 11th (Sat), 2021


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